Glove Care


Caring For Your Ironclad Products

Please note that the washing and care instructions are indicated on the original product packaging.

For extended durability and comfort, machine wash and hang dry your Ironclad gloves on a regular basis. Machine wash cool. DO NOT use bleach, machine dry or use an iron on Ironclad gloves.

Air-drying is recommended in order to keep the size consistent with its original form from time of purchase.

Ironclad COWBOY®, RANCHWORX®, EXO Modern Leather and EXO Modern Leather Reinforced have machine-washable leather. We suggest you wash your gloves from time to time in order to remove grime and salts that build up from sweat.

Cold Climate gloves such as COLD CONDITION®, COLD CONDITION® WATERPROOF, SUMMIT™ REFLECTIVE and TUNDRA® need to be hand-washed with a light laundry detergent and air-dried to retain quality and original sizing. Avoid exposing the gloves to a heat source other than indirect sunlight.