The EXO Story


Which One Are You?

We made a special line of gloves for those getting greasy in the garage, another for those that go around the house being a fixer-upper.
For those roughing it out in the wild, we got you covered and if you’re building a sky-scraper or working with heavy equipment then we’ve got you covered, too.
We have gloves for you. Good ones, too. They don’t break the bank and you’re gonna dig ‘em.

EXO Motor Icon


The garage is your haven, a “wrench cafe” where you customize and tinker on everything from the vintage racer to a muscle car you’ve been rebuilding for the better part of a decade. Your riding friends are a large part of your life – over the years becoming a tight-knit brotherhood. A love of the classics (not to mention your budget) draws you to vintage rides, but you still dream of using your skills on a couple of luxury rides.

With tools ranging from your grandfather’s 60 year old wrench to the latest in automotive technology, your garage is filled with anything and everything you need to support what you want to build.

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You are the ones who love to create and build. You would rather mess it up five times yourself before getting it right instead of paying someone else to do the job. That’s not to say you don’t have an eye for detail. You do it yourself because you want your space to be personal.

You prefer user-friendly products and experiences and do not specialize in any one task. You would rather know how to build and create a variety of projects. You’re the contractor without a contract, and friends and family always find a few grains of sawdust or specks of paint in your hair.

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Nature is constantly calling you; for work and play alike. You are the modern outdoorsman with old-school work ethic. You are diligent and hardworking with a soul for adventure.

No task is too large, and no problem can’t be solved with some good ol’ fashion grit and determination. When it’s time to relax, you go right back into what you know best – the wild. While there’s never a day without work to be done, your heart is always seeking your next journey, your next story, your next scar.

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The Professional

This is your job, your livelihood. Safety and security are the utmost concern. One slipped wrench, one distracted second or one shoddy weld could mean the difference between finishing the job on time or finishing the job in one piece.

Everything you use is made with the care and durability to stand up to the harshest conditions your line of work has to throw at it.

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