Head protection is a critical piece of personal protective equipment. Ensuring that you have the right type of head protection for the job is an integral part of ensuring job site safety. Below are some key features to consider when choosing head protection for your specific task.

Hard Hat

Hard hats have a thick shell and inner suspension that work together to protect against impact of falling objects or debris.

Bump Cap

Bump caps provide lightweight protection against minor bump and scrapes in confined spaces where protection against falling objects is not required.

  • Class C
  • (Conductive)

Class C hard hats do not offer electrical protection.

  • Class G
  • (General)

Class G hard hats are rated for 2,000 Volts.

  • Class E
  • (Electrical)

Class E hard hats are rated for 20,000 Volts.

4 Point

4 Point Suspension provides all around impact protection.

6 Point

6 Point Suspension provides superior front, top, lateral and off axis impact protection.


Full Brim hard hats have a 360-degree brim to protect face, ears, neck and shoulders from sunburn or rain.


Cap Style hard hats have a familiar baseball cap shape that is slimmer and versatile for use with accessories such as hearing protection and face guards.


Vents allow heat to escape which keeps the wearer cooler.


Non-vented provides better electric insulation protection.